Privacy Policy

OAK VILLAGE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, OAK VILLAGE) require customers to disclose necessary information (hereinafter, Personal Information) such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information when using our service.
OAK VILLAGE shall handle Personal Information of customers appropriately, in accordance with our private policy, based on Act of the Protection of Personal Information.

(1)Definition of Privacy Policy

Personal Information in our Privacy Policy refers to personal information defined in Clause 1, Article 2 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information; information of living individual(s) such as address, name, date of birth, age, e-mail address, corresponding financial institution, bank accounts and other information that enables identification of the specific individual (including information that can be readily collated with other information, and thereby, identify the specific individual), and/or information that contains personal identification code(s).

(2)How to acquire Personal Information

OAK VILLAGE shall acquire Personal Information by the following methods, but will not obtain them by false or other improper means;

  1. Purchase of products and services through online stores and mail orders
  2. Enrollment in Sylvan Club
  3. Participation in events and seminars hosted by OAK VILLAGE
  4. Inquiries to OAK VILLAGE regarding products and services

(3)Purpose of use of Personal Information

OAK VILLAGE shall use Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. Customer name, address, telephone number, contact information such as e-mail address and shipping information shall be used to deliver products and information, as well as to send invoices. Payment information such as designated credit card numbers and bank account numbers may be used in order to send invoices as well.
  2. Contact information such as customer name, address and e-mail address, order contents such as type of products and numbers, and price on invoices shall be used in order to confirm orders and delivery methods.
  3. Purchase record and customer information/contacts such as customer name, address and e-mail address shall be used to deliver information on OAK VILLAGE events, products and services.
  4. Customer opinions, questionnaire results and usage history may be used in order to improve services.
  5. Contact information such as customer name, address, e-mail address shall be used in order to respond to customer requests and inquiries.

(4)Personal Information Management

OAK VILLAGE manage Personal Information through the following system:

  1. Internal system shall be established in accordance with Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines. Appropriate education and supervision shall be provided to employees who handle Personal Information of customers.
  2. Employees to handle Personal Information shall be limited to those who need them for business purposes, in order to prevent Personal Information leakage.
  3. Personal Information stored in OAK VILLAGE system shall be accessible with specific login accounts and passwords in order to manage accessing authorities, only to employees who need them for business purposes. Accounts and passwords shall be handled strictly to prevent leakage/loss.

(5)Personal Information Disclosure

OAK VILLAGE shall not disclose Personal Information to a third party without customer consent, with the exception of the following cases;

  1. In case requests are made by public institutions (such as court or police) based on laws and regulations
  2. In case there are special provisions in the applicable law
  3. In case in need of protecting the life/health/assets of customers and/or third parties and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
  4. In case in need of protecting OAK VILLAGE’s rights, assets and services from actions that violate laws and our regulations and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual

(6)Suspension of Use of Personal Information

In case requests are made by customers to suspend/delete their Personal Information due to the fact that their Personal Information were used beyond the scope of purpose in our statement or acquired by deceit or other fraudulent means, as soon as confirmation is made that the request had been made by the applying individual, OAK VILLAGE shall proceed to suspend/delete the Personal Information and report to the individual immediately. However, this may not apply in case OAK VILLAGE is not obligated to suspend/delete by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws applicable.

(7)Usage of Cookies and other technologies

OAK VILLAGE website uses cookies and other similar technologies.
Cookies are information stored in browsers when websites are visited. Although cookies do not contain Personal Information, their technologies enable us to understand the usage status of services on our website and contribute to improve our services. Customers who wish to disable cookies: please disable them by changing the settings of the web browser you are viewing with – however, once disabled, you may not be able to use some of our services.

OAK VILLAGE website uses Google Analytics; an access analysis tool developed by Google, which uses cookies to collect traffic data. Data are anonymously collected; they will not be used to identify individuals. You may reject this function by disabling the cookies. For details, please see below;
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(8)Privacy Policy – Revision & Continuous Improvement

OAK VILLAGE shall appropriately review and continuously improve its operational status regarding the handling of Personal Information. We shall also revise our policies accordingly to legislative amendments and social changes.
In case of revisions, the revised Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all Personal Information handled by OAK VILLAGE at the time of revision and shall be promptly disclosed on OAK VILLAGE’s website.


In case of inquiries, please contact the following;
TEL:+81 (0)577-68-2244
FAX:+81 (0)577-68-2219